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Join forces with Terminal’s engineering community to develop working solutions to fight COVID-19.

  • 2 weeks to develop PRODUCTION-READY solutions
  • Access to great technology from our partner companies
  • Access to Terminal mentors and coaches
  • Access to a great and talented engineering community
  • 6 themes:

           Health, safety and wellness
           Learning and education
           Families and communities
           Transportation and living
           Personal finance management
           Work and productivity

In addition to the prizes listed below, Terminal will donate $25 per registered team (up to $2,500) to the COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund

More projects = Greater Impact!! Invite your friends and (ex)colleagues


How to participate 

  • Register as a participant
  • Indicate your skills, competencies and interests in your profile. Provide a short bio so people can get to know you better
  • Download the resources guide and team handbook provided to you
  • Browse the participants list to connect and follow fellow engineers that share common interests
  • Use the Slack community and/or discussion forum to suggest ideas and engage in discussion with fellow engineers around the world
  • Submit your project one your idea is formed, or join an existing project
  • Watch for updates and announcements in the Updates tab
  • Start coding, and have a memorable hackathon!




This hackathon is open to all members and employees of Terminal, as well as to all external engineers who are interested in contributing their skills and know-how to partner with us for a few days to fight this crisis.

To be eligible to participate you must: 

  • Be at least eighteen (18) years of age
  • Available and able to allocate a few hours of your time during the hackathon period to contribute to your team’s project
  • Comply with Terminal’s hackathon code of conduct
  • Agree to Terminal using, for promotional purposes, your personal and team DevPost profile and project information if you are part of the winning teams
Participants and Team 

There are no limitations on the number of participants or teams.  There are also no limitations on the number of members in a team although for productivity reasons, we do recommend to limit yourself to 4-6 team members.


It is assumed that teams will use their own development environment for the duration of the hackathon. Terminal will not provide any software licenses or tools aside from giving teams access to a GitHub repository in which they can store their project.



Considering that the intent of this hackathon is to provide immediate support for the Covid-19 crisis, the following rules apply with respect to ideas/projects submitted:

Prior to submitting their projects, teams must ensure that their project:
  • Addresses a current challenge emerging from the Covid-19 crisis or from the ripple effects expected post-crisis  
  • Fits one of the overall themes of the hackathon (stated above)
  • Is sufficiently tested and free of defects
  • Is fully functionable; prototypes will not be accepted
  • Can be deployed in production quickly and effortlessly
  • Is sufficiently documented (see requirements below)
  • Provides a user interface and user documentation in English
  • Does not violate any third party’s intellectual property and is free of copyrighted material that is not your own or that you do not have the legal right to distribute, display, and otherwise make available to others; content of the project (code and documentation) must represent the team's original work
  • Is free of inappropriate or offensive content
  • Is not intended for commercial use, i.e it is free for its users and does not contain in-app advertising
  • Can be run/used from a web browser (on Mac or Windows platform) or mobile (iOS or Android) - deployment (Apple/Android, Google stores etc) can take place after the hackathon
  • Once the application deployed, be available 24/7


Upon submitting the projects, teams must provide the following information: 
  • Who is this for (target audience)
  • What problem is this addressing
  • Short demo video (posted on YouTube, Vimeo or Youku) - maximum length of 3min
  • Links to working solution 
  • Project documentation / user guides
  • Installation instructions where applicable
  • Link to source code 
  • Technology(ies) used


Projects Use & Intellectual Property

Considering that the goal of this hackathon is to develop production ready and viable solutions to help fight Covid, it is understood that Terminal will make reasonable efforts to promote the use of the winning solutions to their target audience after the hackathon closes.

Non-winning teams are also encouraged to do the same so as to maximize the impact and benefits of this hackathon to the community.

Note that the IP of all projects submitted will remain the sole property of the project team.

Hackathon Sponsors


$6,000 in prizes

First Place: Donation to cause or non-profit-organization involved in fighting the COVID crisis

The winning teams will be asked to choose a recipient for a donation to be made on behalf of Terminal.

First place: $3,000 USD

Important: Winning teams must choose an established charity who is currently involved in supporting the Covid-19 crisis and that is capable of accepting online donations.

Second Place - Donation to cause or non-profit organization involved in fighting the COVID crisis

The winning teams will be asked to choose a recipient for a donation to be made on behalf of Terminal.

Second place: $2,000

Third Place - Donation to cause or non-profit organization involved in fighting the COVID crisis

The winning teams will be asked to choose a recipient for a donation to be made on behalf of Terminal.

Third place: $1,000 USD

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Andy Wolfe

Andy Wolfe
General Manager, Product Team @ Terminal

Ben Apel

Ben Apel
Product Manager @ Terminal

Nabil Fahel

Nabil Fahel
Director of partnerships and community @ Terminal

Zoran Mitrovic

Zoran Mitrovic
Frontend Engineer @ Terminal

Christian Rice

Christian Rice
Director of Innovation @ Terminal

Ahmed Khan

Ahmed Khan
Partnership coordinator @ Terminal

Ian Frost

Ian Frost
Director of Talent Operations @ Terminal

Kerri McKinney

Kerri McKinney
Director of Global Sourcing

Veronique St-Germain

Veronique St-Germain
Director of Talent Acquisition @ Terminal

Judging Criteria

  • Societal Impact
    Refers to the overall impact the solution is having on society in response to the crisis in terms of the direct/indirect amount of users impacted (local vs. global)
  • Urgency Level
    Refers to the severity of the problem the solution is solving. Severity being measured in terms of the probability of multiplying casualties, speeding up virus propagation or worsening the economic crisis .
  • Ease of deployment
    Refers to the ease with which we can start deploying the solution to its target users in order to make an immediate impact
  • Quality Level
    Refers to the completeness/ease of use/overall quality of the application or solution.
  • Originality
    Refers to how novel, innovative and appealing the solution is to its users (has not been done in this capacity before)

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